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Sophie Douala, In Memory Of The Present


Sophie Douala is a Berlin-based, France raised and Cameroon born graphic designer and visual artist whose aim is to reflect positive intention through strong visual language, which is heavily based on the use of patterns and experimentation. Her work is an invitation to travel, dream and reflect.

In her book In Memory of The Present, Sophie invited a group of inspiring friends and relatives to share their personal stories and memories of the past, which she then reinterpreted in a collection of visual essays. On 56 pages, heavily filled with risograph inks, the book gives us a hint of what a better future could feel like, inspired by positive ghosts of personal histories.

56 pages
180 x 250 mm
Soft bound, six-color risograph
Book is packed in a transparent printed cover
300 copies, September 2021

ISBN 978-961-94711-9-7