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Irene Suosalo, Tivoli


Irene Suosalo is a Finnish video artist. Her work is based on video pieces and site-specific video installations. She regularly contributes as an illustrator to The New York Times, The Atlantic and Universal Music, just to name a few.

For her first book, Tivoli, she translated her usual visual language, i.e. animations, to still images. Through this transformation, her characteristic animation technique and flow became a well-balanced composition that transcends patterns and turns them into a stand-alone work of art.

Artworks in Tivoli have a recognisable visual identity that echoes 90s VHS aesthetics. Even though this sort of imagery was revived through the visual zeitgeist of vaporwave or hauntology, Suosalo manages to implement it without falling into a cheap nostalgia trap. Tivoli is printed on a risograph machine with recognisable grain present on the images, which adds another layer of visual stimulation to the images.

180 x 270 mm
Soft bound, four-color risograph
300 copies, September 2021
ISBN 978-961-95496-0-5